How to Install a Wireless CCTV Camera for Free

There are quite a few different types of cameras that you’ll want to consider before setting one up. Would you like a wired or wireless one? Are you setting one up indoor or outdoor? What type of features would you like? Read on to learn how to install a wireless CCTV camera for free with the most essential features.

If you’re looking for something quick and affordable to feel that your house or business is secure, all you’ll need is a webcam. Why? Because connecting a webcam with Camcloud will give you 3 of the most essential features you need in a camera: Motion DetectionRemote Viewing, and Portability.

1. Sign-up for a free account at It just takes a minute. Once you login, head on to the Cameras page and select “Add Camera” to launch the Camera Setup Wizard.

2. Select Webcam and name it whatever you’d like.

setup-cctv-cameraClick on “Next” and adjust the settings however you’d like:

setup-cctv-camera-settings3. Press the “Finish & Start” button. A monitoring window will appear.

4. Now, visit the Live View page. Here you will see 4 inactive video windows on the right, and on the left you’ll see a list of available cameras. Toggle your camera to “On”. In the video panes on the right, you’ll see a Live Viewer open up and play.


5. Optional: If you want to view your video feed from your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), download the Camcloud app to get notifications for motion events! Yes it’s free, and there are no ads or micro-transactions.

You’ve now successfully installed a wireless CCTV camera! From a mobile device (iPhone or Android) or another PC/Mac, you can go to the Live View page in your Camcloud account, start the camera, and watch the live video feed. It also has motion detection built-in and can send you notifications of motion events, amongst other features.

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